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Aphantasia: Do You See What I See?

People who have aphantasia do not think, or remember, using visualizations. For some of you, this sounds absurd (for more information on aphantasia, various writers have published a plethora of good primers for you). Let me remind you that other people have differences, uniquenesses, that you cannot see. My father discovered that he had red-green colorblindness when he was 45 years old. Workers had laid an outline in the lawn, orange paint on green grass, and he didn’t see it. He fumed over their mistake – “Who just forgets to paint a line?” We’ve come to terms with it since then; colorblindness and its genetics are well known to our extended family now.

A recent article on The Establishment mentions this marvelous pulling away of the curtain. To some with aphantasia, learning that a friend can think and experience a remembered image feels like learning that they have telekinetic powers. So maybe more openness about people’s unique mental experiences can find a place in the world.

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